Environmental Conscious

Our sustainable choices

Shirtbird. is aware of its place in the world and is committed reducing the fashion industry's environmental impact on Mother Nature. Buying less will always be the most sustainable choice, but fashion is just part of our world. And that's why we want to offer nice quality shirts, while committed to continuously improving our business model to minimize our social and invironmental impact.

Our Shirtbird. collection consists of essentials made according to our principles of fair production and sustainable quality, produced in factories with the highest standards. Our goal is to create
ultimate shirts that don't compromise on your comfort and style or our planet. If you opt for more durable clothing and higher quality, you don't have to compromise on aesthetics that are both stylish and timeless. All clothing is made to last, both in fashion and quality.

Our green Goodbird. makes us aware every day of our pursuit of greater transparency in the clothing industry and continuous reduction of our social and environmental impact.

Our shirts are made with the intention that you want to wear them again and again. We guarantee you will love them.

Mother Nature

Minimizing our environmental impact

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Size 38

Color White

The Harrier is our classic shirt but is certainly always up to date. This Royal Oxford shirt from Shirtbird is the king of your shirts. Stylish and luxurious. Due to the checkerboard structure of the weave, the oxford shirt has a slightly shiny look. In contrast to the sturdy American... Lees verder