Ascolite button attachment. Ascolite is a Swiss company that has developed a unique method to prevent button release. Initially, buttons are sewn on the traditionally way, only slightly loose. Then the Ascolite thread is wrapped tightly under tension around the button shank threads. This pulls the buttons tight and it’s simultaneously heat sealed. The result is a flexible permanently secured, easy to button and perfect looking button shank. The benefit of every day is that as the buttons sit a little prouder on the placket of your shirt. Buttoning becomes much easier because of this improvement.

Style Points Bonus there!

The Italian way of attaching the button to the shirt is with a Crows foot stitch. You understand why Shirtbird likes to stitch the buttons with a crows foot. After all, It’s the small detail that makes you smile.

Mother of pearl buttons are iridescent buttons made from an inner layer of certain shells.

Mother-of-pearl buttons are cut from linings of mollusk, oysters, abalone, and snail shells. The nacre lining is the same outer coating of pearls, thus the name “mother-of-pearl.” The material is strong and naturally elegant.

Mother of pearl comes in two colors, white and anthracite, Shirtbird uses both colors for the shirts. Yes sir, for your shirt only the best!

A non-fused or unconstructed collar is comfortable to wear and gives a nice 'collar roll'. The board is not glued and not reinforced by a non-woven lining. This production method requires craftsmanship and experience. Because the collar is not stiff and hard, this shirt has a luxurious and sporty look.

When we like to give a shirt a sportier, casual look, the shirts have been washed after being manufactured.

Pre-washing makes the fabric softer and gives the collar, cuffs, and seams a nice casual look.

This is Shirtbird's favorite way of stitching the seams of our shirts. 

Single needle stitching is an extra step during the production process and is characteristic for high-quality shirts. A single needle seam is equally stitched twice but with a flat felled seam. One row of stitching is hidden inside the fabric. From the topside you see only one row, but you see two rows of stitching from the inside.

A gusset is a small piece of reinforcing fabric sewn to the bottom onto the shirt side seam near the bottom. The gusset also often is a signature of the brand and a detail of craftsmanship. Shirtbird puts a gusset in the shape of a birdhouse on its shirts. After all, Shirtbird is the home of shirts.

At Shirtbird we only use the best long-pile cottons for our shirts. Smoother cloths are woven from longer fibers of cotton. 

Egyptian cotton is the world's best cotton and distinguishes itself from other cotton types.

Due to the length of the cotton fiber, the finest yarns can be spun without the yarn losing strength.

Egyptian cotton absorbs liquids and dyes particularly well, which makes Egyptian cotton fabrics have deeper, brighter, and more beautiful colors.

Due to the long fiber, a shirt made of this cotton is more wrinkle resistant.

We fold and wrap all our shirts lightly with tissue paper without an excess of cardboard and pins, just like when you pick up your shirt at a New York laundry. Crispy and Clean.

The collar size is the number of centimeters of the collar measured from button to center buttonhole. With the slim-fit shirts from Shirtbird, the collar size is your own size with your own specifications. For example, at size 40, the collar is one centimeter wider than at size 39 and the shirt is an entire size larger than size 39. A size chart of our slim fit shirt consists of 8 different sizes. For example, if you have a board size 41, but you would like your shirt to be a little wider, you can easily choose size 42. If you're not wearing a tie, a one-centimeter wider collar doesn't matter and your shirt is more comfortable.

Shirtbird is aware of its place in the world and is committed reducing the fashion industry's environmental impact on Mother Nature.


Buying less will always be the most sustainable choice, but fashion is just part of our world. And that's why we want to offer nice quality shirts, while committed to continuously improving our business model to minimize our social and environmental impact.

Our collection consists of essentials made according to our principles of fair production and sustainable quality, produced in factories with the highest standards. Our goal is to create ultimate shirts that don't compromise on your comfort and style or our planet.

If you opt for more durable clothing and higher quality, you don't have to compromise on aesthetics that are both stylish and timeless. All clothing is made to last, both in fashion and quality. Our shirts are made with the intention that you want to wear them again and again.

Our Green Bird makes us aware every day of our pursuit of greater transparency in the clothing industry and continuous reduction of our social and environmental impact.

The Shirtbird shirt deal is valid on all articles in this category with the badge. The more shirts you buy the more discount we can offer you. We only need to run to our warehouse once, ship once, pay shipping costs only once and use only one shipping box. We are happy to pass these advantages on to you. Our advantage is your advantage!

1. Choose at least three articles from one category, you can combine shirts.

2. One shirt costs €89.00; two shirts €149.00; three shirts €199.00. So your second shirts costs € 60.00 and your third shirt €50,00.

3. With 3+ shirts you pay € 50.00 for each extra shirt. “Hi neighbor, you also need shirts, didn't you?”

4. The discount will be deducted directly in the shopping cart.

Thanks to modern clothing technology, we have given our stretch shirts extra freedom of movement. By adding 4% elastane, these shirts get enough stretch to allow you to move and lounge comfy. The combination of 96% cotton and 4% elastane retains the benefits of cotton.

The Buzzard is the shirt you don't have to iron. Wash, hang up and wear again. It can be that easy with our non-iron shirts. These shirts are ahead of their time with the special treatment and will change the way you spend your morning - reading the news and enjoying an extra cup of coffee instead of ironing - Make your day wrinkle free. Shirtbird has a nice selection of non-iron shirts in white, light blue and blue/white striped.

100% cotton – non-iron – slim fit

The Eagle is the knitted shirt from Shirtbird and is extremely comfortable. This shirt is the base of the current trend. The collection of knitted shirts combines elegance of the traditional shirt with the comfort of a polo shirt. A comfortable fitted shirt with a non-fused, cut-away collar. Made from 100% cotton in a regular fit, available in four colors. Perfect to 

The Harrier is our classic shirt but is certainly up to date. This royal oxford shirt from Shirtbird is the king of your shirts. Stylish and luxurious. Due to the checkerboard structure of the weave, the oxford shirt has a slightly shiny look. In contrast to the sturdy American Oxford, the royal oxford is very soft and is very comfortable to wear. We have thought about every detail in this shirt. This shirt has an unconstructed cut away collar and is finished with mother of pearl buttons and beautiful stitching, so that you will enjoy wearing this shirt every time. The royal oxford is available in four different colors. Perfect under a jacket or just combine with your chinos or jeans.

100% cotton – slim fit – cut away collar

The Hawk is a satin stretch shirt from Shirtbird, a shirt in which we show the simplicity of a perfect shirt. The satin weave in which the fabric is woven gives the shirt a luxurious natural shine. We have added 4% elastane yarns, which gives the shirt a comfortable stretch without losing the pleasant character of cotton. We have also carefully finished this shirt with fine stitching and mother of pearl buttons, Ascolite stitched. The side seams are, at the bottom, reinforced with the birdhouse gusset.

Satin stretch- 96% cotton 4% elastane – slim fit – cut away

The Seagull is the poplin stretch shirt from Shirtbird, which is made of a beautiful smooth poplin fabric. Poplin is a weaving technique with a very fine weave. As a result, the cloth has little structure. The shirts are pre-washed, which gives the shirt a nonchalant casual look. This premium shirt is also finished with real mother of pearl buttons, we have stitched these buttons in the Ascolite way so that the buttons sit prouder on your shirt and will not fall of. The Seagull is available in 4 colors.

Poplin stretch – 96% cotton 4% elastane – slim fit – pre washed – cut away

The Sparrow is Shirtbird's business shirt. For the ultimate business shirt, Shirtbird likes to opt for a fine twill, two ply. A fabric with a fine structure and a luxurious look and a high wearing comfort. With this shirt you will look good at every appointment and at the end of the day the fabric looks still perfect and uncreased. This slim fit shirt is finished with mother of pearl buttons and single needle stitching. This shirt has a soft, unconstructed cut-away collar and cuffs. Wear this shirt with or without a tie, depending on your style.

Fine twill Two ply – 100% cotton – slim fit

The Kite is Shirtbird's denim shirt. For our shirts we use the most beautiful fabrics and for the Kite we used a lightweight denim in a very refined form. Woven in Italy from two ply yarn in extra-long staple cotton. This comfortable Denim Indy twill with a cool look is available in two washes, dark and light. The high-quality make of the denim fabric creates a surprising shirt that can be combined with a jacket for a smart casual look or with rolled up sleeves and tucked out for a leisure look. The choice is yours!

100% cotton denim - slim fit – mother of pearl buttons

The Kestrel is Shirtbird's shirt that has everything you need - comfort, style, and simplicity. It is made of 100% soft cotton. The non-fused collar is comfortable to wear and gives a nice collar roll. Because the collar is not stiff, this shirt has a sporty look. Nothing wears comfier than a cotton flannel shirt. The refined soft collar gives the shirt a sporty look. Wear this shirt open on a t-shirt or closed, whichever suits your style. This shirt is available in three shades of gray.

100% cotton flannel – slim fit - cut away collar

The Falcon is the real American Oxford shirt from Shirtbird, made with a 'box pleat' on the middle of the back, provides extra freedom of movement and gives a sporty look. The shirt has a regular ('American') placket and is fitted with a chest pocket. The original Oxford shirt is also called an OCBD (Oxford Cloth Button Down). This shirt is available in blue and white and blue/white fine stripe. Proudly made!

100% cotton - Oxford - button down - pre-washed

Premium undershirt by Shirtbird. Our undershirt essentials are designed with relaxed cuts and precise tailoring. Made of a unique blend of organic cotton and elastane, wonderfully soft stretch and nicely fitted to the body. This men's t-shirt has a V-neck and even better, this t-shirt has 3 cm extra length at the back, so that it keeps tucked in your pants.

Material: 95% organic cotton / 5% elastane

Neck: V-neck

Model: connecting

Color: white

 Premium undershirt by Shirtbird. Our undershirt essentials are designed with relaxed cuts and precise tailoring. Made of a unique blend of organic cotton and elastane, wonderfully soft stretch and nicely fitted to the body. This men's t-shirt has a round neck and even better, this t-shirt has 3 cm extra length at the back, so that it keeps tucked in your pants.

Material: 95% organic cotton / 5% elastane

Neck: round neck

Model: connecting

Color: White