Shirtbird combines classic tailoring and decades of experience with the very latest technology to create shirts that make the best version of yourself. We use the finest materials, such as high-quality long-staple cotton that is woven into the most beautiful fabrics. Clothing technology and craftsmanship that make a Shirtbird shirt just that little bit more enjoyable. From non-iron finish to stretch fabrics, this is how we innovate and what we do best. We make high quality shirts for the best price in the market.


Most of our shirts have collar sizes from size 38 to size 45. Due to our unique size system, each size has its own fit. If you are looking for a shirt that fits slightly wider, simply choose a larger size. The collar will be 1 cm wider, and the shirt will be a whole size larger.To start with, we make our shirts with unconstructed collars and cuffs. A non-fused or unconstructed collar is more comfortable to wear and gives a nice collar roll. The front and back of the collar are not glued and are not reinforced by a nonwoven lining. This way of making a soft edge requires years of craftsmanship and experience. Because the collar is not stiff, this shirt has a luxurious and sporty look.The Shirtbird slim fit shirt is fitted due to the two darts on the back of the shirt. By using darts to tailor the shirt, the shirt gets a more natural curve and a sartorial appearance.When possible, we like to finish our shirts with Mother of Pearl buttons, this emphasizes the luxurious and sartorial character of your shirt. We attach the buttons on a Ascolite way, this makes it easier to button and unbutton the shirt. And the best of all, the buttons never fall off.If we want to give a shirt a more casual look, we wash the shirt after the shirt is completely manufactured. Pre-washing gives the collar, cuffs, and seams a fuller and more informal look. Just think how pre-washing makes your jeans more beautiful. After washing, the shirt is ironed, and laundry packed.


Buttons made from an inner layer of shells



A small piece of fabric reinforcing the shirt



A beautiful soft collar, for a sophisticated look



It is our goal to make the most beautiful shirts for a reasonable price. We don’t work with seasons so we don’t make 4 collections a year. We always present a shirt collection that fits the expectations of our customers, that is you. We want to surprise you and we want you feel confident and happy in your Shirtbird shirt whatever you are going to do that day. The Shirtbird collection is always up to date, not only the models but also the fabrics we use. Our quality standards are high so that you can enjoy your shirts for a long time. The Shirtbird shirtdeal is valid on all articles in this category. The more shirts you buy the more discount we can offer you. We only need to run to our warehouse once, ship once, pay shipping costs only once and use only one shipping box. That saves a lot of work and money. We are happy to pass these advantages on to you. Our advantage is your advantage!